Desmon S.p.A was founded in 1994 by De Santis family as a trading company producing commercial refrigeration equipment for the medical industry.  After a few successful years the company became one of the leaders in the European market of professional refrigeration. In 2015 enters in the family of Middleby Corporation Company.

100% of the production of professional refrigeration equipment is concentrated in the main factories in Italy.

Our team is highly qualified, experienced and dedicated to every aspect of professional refrigeration and catering always researching and studying the demands of customers to define and develop the production.

Those who choose Desmon…

are conscious to do the best choice in the professional refrigeration field. Desmon’s primary objective is to maintain high quality standards and to achieve full customer satisfaction, providing durable products and solutions, in order to allow its clients to focus on their business.

Those who choose Desmon..

know that they obtain a huge selection of products produced by the superior ability of Desmon workers, from the body to the smallest detail.

Innovative design principles, the highest quality of materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies are combined to create refrigeration and heating products that withstand the tests of time and exceed customer expectations.

Our products are assembled by highly skilled fabricators, who know their products intimately and are passionate about their craft. Combining the latest in manufacturing machinery with handcrafted components, we monitor our products every step of the way. Each and every product is quality assured, and no item leaves our factory floor until it has been individually tested for performance and safety.

Those who chose Desmon know that they have a product built to last, and day after day will appreciate the material quality, the reliability in technology and its enhanced design.

We continue to make high quality products for the refrigeration in medical industries, thanks to which we gained our global reputation.

We know how important it is to look after our customers’ individual requirements, just as one nurtures family. We do this by offering exceptional sales support that continues long after your products have been installed. We consider you a part of our extended family, and look forward to a relationship that will develop into the future.

Our business is about more than selling you products; for us, the desire to provide a level of unrivalled customer service that ensures the smooth running of your business is imperative. We welcome our new customers to the Desmon family, and look forward to building on existing relationships for decades to come.

Medical, laboratory & scientific refrigerators