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From the beginning, Desmon has been highly focused on customer’s after sales support.

Since 1996 our staff is highly committed to take care of our customers, ensuring their maximum satisfaction.

By writing to feedback@desmon.it any customer, distributor or even end users can send his feedback regarding Desmon products and services.

 Besides a highly developed spare parts system, we assist day by day all our customers regarding any issue. For any kind of technical issue a prompt reply can be received just writing to: service@desmon.it

By monitoring and tracing parts failures and evaluating defects rates, we undertake on a regular basis proper corrective actions in order to:

  • Detect and correct any roots of failure
  • Reduce and eliminate troubles on existing products
  • Detect responsible departments and areas involved in the claims to set up immediate solutions

Suypplier’s reliability is among the top targets of Desmon Quality Assurance.

All the mentioned process is implemented following ISO 9001/14001 guidelines.


Medical, laboratory & scientific refrigerators